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BeDrive v2.2.6 – File Sharing and Cloud Storage WPThemeguru


BeDrive v2.2.6

Download BeDrive v2.2.6 for free – File Sharing and Cloud Storage 

BeDrive v2.2.6- File Sharing and Cloud Storage PHP Script Free Download – CodeCanyon | BeDrive v2.2.6 – File Sharing and Cloud Storage Enables you to quickly and easily create your own featured, self-hosted file sharing and hosting website in minutes without the need for coding or server management skills.

Admin account and panel

When you open the login page on the sample site, you’ll see that the admin account credentials have already been filled out.

Administrators’ accounts will be reset once an hour and a few sample files will be provided.

To test a regular user, create a new account on the demo site by registering using your email address.

Features of BeDrive v2.2.6

  • Editable homepage
  • Easy to install
  • SaaS mode
  • High efficiency
  • To share
  • Upload status
  • Shareable link
  • Translation
  • Responsive
  • Dark mode
  • File preview
  • Amazon S3, Digital Ocean, Dropbox Storage
  • Documentation
  • Authentication
  • Disable registration
  • Grid and list view
  • Advertising
  • Professional design
  • Appearance editor
  • Settings
  • Analysis
  • Multiple homepages
  • Pull and fall
  • Context menu
  • Garbage
  • Dear
  • Search
  • File description
  • Source code
  • Custom pages
  • Menu editor


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Demo of BeDrive v2.2.6


Download link




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