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Bricks Builder v1.3.5 – Build WordPress Sites That Rank – WPThemeGuru

Bricks Builder v1.3.5 – Create WordPress sites that rank Not only does it help you develop your site faster, it loads faster. GTmetrix score of 100/100 just outside the box. No need for an optimization plugin.

Bricks Builder

Bricks Builder – Create a WordPress site that ranks free downloads

There is no blot, just valid markup, and all your features are loaded slowly. Bricks This is a theme instead of a plugin. If you forgive the expression, the Whole Shebang

Higher rank: When it comes to ranking a website, Google considers load time. BRICS creates the highest scoring website. No need for an optimization plugin.

User experience: It is important to make a strong first impression. There is nothing more worrying than a website that takes forever to load. A website that loads quickly demonstrates professionalism, reliability, and confidence.

Not a designer? No problem at all

Use one of our pre-made models to get started now. Create custom theme styles to personalize any template. CSS filters allow you to make visual changes to your images. Any block can have an infinite number of gradients and shape dividers. Create a color scheme to complement your brand. SVG and fonts can be uploaded. Do you want more programmatic design capabilities? Custom CSS and JavaScript can be applied to entire sites or unique blocks.

A developers dream

Using PHP, HTML, and CSS, you can easily create your own elements. There is no need for a time-consuming build/compile process. To customize it in the color palette, save messages, and much more, use hooks and filters. Add your own endpoints to the BRICS API to extend the bricks the way you think. What are your hopes for the future?

Make your entire site visible

From headlines to footnotes, and everything in between, we’ve covered you. With Designer, you can customize every part of your website. You will soon forget that you are on WordPress. Keep some dynamic information. Edit and preview several breakpoints for a mobile-friendly, fully responsive website. There are various smart features that will help you create better sites in less time.

Changes to the Brick Builder WordPress Plugin

  • Please note that if you have been updated to a version prior to 1.2, you will need to run the migrator to convert your existing section, row, column pages to the new “container” element structure.
  • BRICS 1.3 brings many great new functionalities to BRICS. This is probably our most feature-rich release so far.
  • Let’s see the highlights of this release …
  • If you are running BRICS 1.2.3 you should see an update notification on your WordPress dashboard. If you are running version 1.2.3 or older, you must first manually download version 1.3 from your BRICS account.
  • Official Release Video and New Feature Walkthrough:



Download Bricks Builder v1.3.5 – Build WordPress Sites That Rank

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