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Doctreat v1.4.7 – Doctors Directory WpThemeGuru

Doctreat v1.4.7

Download Free Doctreat v1.4.7- Doctor’s Directory WordPress Theme

Doctorate – Doctors Directory WordPress Theme Free Download v.1.4.7 – Themeforest | Doctorate – Doctor’s Directory WordPress Theme v1.4.7 An electronic patient healthcare solution. This issue is established for the purpose of solving medical and health problems of patients and doctors. After extensive analysis, it has been designed and built to meet the needs of people interested in creating a directory for users. It has exciting features and outstanding code quality. The style is contemporary but it also focuses on usability, visual classification and aesthetics to enhance the user’s navigation.

Detailed dashboard Doctreat v1.4.7

The dashboard on this topic is professionally designed to improve usability and user experience. This allows users to easily navigate the site.

Strong doctor and hospital search

The search feature is very powerful and can be seen in the demo.

One to one chat private

This system has an integrated inbox system so that users can communicate with each other if they have questions about work or offers, etc.

Multi-rating system review

It has an integrated testing system that allows regular users to respond and their doctors to evaluate.

Settings for email templates

The extensive settings in the email template will enable you to edit the system email according to your needs.

Please note that images are for preview only and are not in the package.


Doctreat v1.4.7

The WordPress plugin architecture allows users to expand the features and functionality of a website or blog. As of May 2021, has 58,463 plugins, each of which uses custom functions and features that enable users to customize their sites. However, it does not include the premium plugins available (about 1,500+), which may not be listed in the repository.


Demo of the Doctreat v1.4.7 – Doctors Directory WordPress Theme


Download the link for Doctorate v1.4.7 – Doctors Directory WordPress Theme



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